Темпус в Узбекистане

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About the programme in Uzbekistan

The information about the history of the programme in Uzbekistan, statistical data, list of the completed and the on-going projects with participation of higher education institutions throughout the country, publications (newsletters, compendiums, digests) of the National Tempus Office will be useful to potential applicants of the programme. In order to avoid duplication the potential applicants should familiarize themselves with the activities of the completed and current Tempus projects in Uzbekistan.

In this section you can get information about the activity of Higher Education Reform Experts (HEREs). The tasks of the Experts include - advisory support on different aspects of modernization in the framework of the national strategy on higher education development and also the initiatives of the EU in the field of higher education.

Information on the activity of Tempus programme in Uzbekistan and the projects with involvement of higher education institutions of the country is available on the main web-site under the headings «Tempus by country» and «Project description».

Tempus book about programme activities “TEMPUS IV in Uzbekistan” (Ўзбекистонда ТЕМПУС IV)

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The next publication of the National Tempus Office “TEMPUS IV in Uzbekistan” (Ўзбекистонда ТЕМПУС IV) presents and  highlights some of the salient issues of implemented and on-going Tempus projects in Uzbekistan  from three perspectives that are namely from the EU partners’ side, Uzbek partners’ perspective and target groups, i.e. students and non-academic partners, point of view. All of the papers and contributions included in this compendium are solo ideas, opinions, insights and analyses of corresponding authors, and are published without any content editing (download).


Tempus IV (2007-2013) in Uzbekistan

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29 projects have been financed within Tempus IV Calls (download full list of projects):

Call I (2008) – 3 projects: NMPLIS, PERSEUS, AIDA

Call II (2009) – 4 projects: CANDI, HEICA, SWAN, UNIQTOOL

Call III (2010) – 3 projects:  PROMENG, UnIvEnt, CIBELES

Call IV (2011) – 4 projects:  QAPD, EPASAT, TERSID, ISMU

Call V (2012) – 5 projects: GE-UZ, UZWATER, ENGITEC, QUEECA, TuCAHEA


Currently, (August 2014) there are 19 on-going projects of Tempus (download full list of projects), of which 11 are multi-country projects and 8 national project: 8 joint projects in curricular reform (8 CR JPs), 5 joint projects «higher education and society» (5 HES JPs), 1 joint project in governance reform (1 GR JP) and 5 structural measures (5 SMs).


Tempus in Uzbekistan

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Since the start of the programme in 1994 European Commission has allocated 22,16 million euro for financing 79 Tempus projects in Uzbekistan.

Tempus II: 6.14 million euro (1994-2000)
Tempus III: 11.3 million euro (2000-2006)
Tempus IV: 3.6 million euro (2008-2010)

During the period of the programme implementation 45 higher education institutions (HEIs) and 38 non-academic organisations throughout the country, in cooperation with more than 100 universities from 20 European Union countries, have participated in programme activities.

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